Alpine Corporation has consistently provided superior investor returns.
We do it through a proven strategy focused on capital preservation and steady, sustainable growth. Leveraging the deep relationships and “reputation capital” forged by our team in the multifamily industry over the years, we attribute our success to four simple factors:

Conservative Acquisition Strategy

We take a methodical approach to sourcing developable low-risk workforce housing build-able land and Class A, B, and C apartments in growth communities.

  • Our typical transaction involves contemporary, upscale communities (garden and mid-rise) with more than 38 units, located in growth areas near employment, entertainment and recreation destinations.
  • While there is no limitation on transaction size, single-asset purchases traditionally range from $1-30 million with a 4-7 year ownership period.
  • Capitalization rates, IRR requirements and other financial considerations vary depending on real estate and capital market conditions, product type and location, perceived risk and portfolio objectives.
  • Detailed pro forma preparation for proposed acquisitions.

Property Management During Acquisitions

Unlike many of our competitors, Alpine Corporation  is closely aligned with our property management division. This relationship gives us an advantage during property acquisition, development, and ownership that enables fluid communication into the management process.

  • Alpine Management  is a premier property management company, that has managed a portfolio of more than 300 units in multiple communities in two states.
  • As a property manager, Alpine Management can provide Alpine Corporation  with real time data in both current and potential acquisition markets.
  • Alpine Management’s  years of experience in Alpine Corporation’s  target markets and a deep understanding of submarket drivers help spur rent growth, improve occupancy and maintain operating-expense efficiencies.

Disciplined Asset Management

Investment discipline has been a hallmark of Alpine since its inception. Our asset management services include:

  • Cash management and thorough financial reporting
  • Preparation and administration of property tax returns
  • Oversight of capital improvement projects
  • Negotiation and supervision of all service contracts
  • Preparation and review of all operating and capital budgets
  • Property tax servicing and management
  • Insurance placement and claim administration
  • Pricing oversight for unit renewals
  • Online marketing implementation and management

Team of Experts

  • Civil Engineers
  • Land Entitlement Attorneys
  • Transaction Attorneys
  • Water Rights Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Land Entitlement Consultants
  • General Contractors
  • Environmental Studies Experts
  • Soil Studies Experts
  • Asbestos Studies Experts
  • Utility Consultants

Looking To Profit From Real Estate Investing?
Alpine Corporation is a privately held real estate investment firm that acquires, manages, develops, and owns Class A, B, and C multifamily and mixed use properties. Established in Lake Tahoe in 1996, our management team boasts more than 60 years of combined experience in real estate and have consistently delivered superior returns for our investors.